Fueling The Future of Financial Literacy

Empowering Financial Education in Students using Interactive Platform

We strive to transform learners into individuals with strong financial literacy, who are armed with practical knowledge and real-world skills. By partnering with us, educational institutions can significantly amplify their financial education offerings.

Help increase student success in the increasingly complex financial world, allow them to help their future employers solve problems from an interdisciplinary approach.

How Learning Institutions can Leverage our Platform?

Integrate into current course

Allow students to use the platform to help them with their learning as part of a course offered by your school

Partner with Student union 

Partner with the student union to provide the platform to students. This help students learn about personal finance, investing, and financial management. Available during the summer and during the school year.

Provide to financial aid department to give to students

Provide platform to students receiving financial aid, this can help them with budgeting and managing expenses. 

Offer continuing education credits

Allow professionals to use platform to learn more about stocks, investing, personal finance, real estate and finance overall. 

Premium Account

Full Access to all features!
$ 175 CAD 1 Year/ Per Student
  • Access to all features
  • Ability to Customize to your needs
  • Institution can upmark price to students
  • Advanced Online Course Features
  • Speech to text, infographics, quizzes, certificates, discussion boards, AI Chatbot Assistant

Step 1: Empower Students with our Online Courses Equip your students with a rich learning experience, tailored to their ever-evolving needs. Our online courses blend engaging content, practical applications, and state-of-the-art features

Step 2: Elevate Your Educational Offering, our platform amplifies your institution's value to students, providing them with an enriching learning journey

Step 3: Enjoy the Institutional Benefits of Partnership Partnering with TradingTech.org provides institutions with a multitude of advantages